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​Childhood Memory Preserved in Wax

  Todd C. Anderson recalls as a boy making candles in a damp fieldstone cellar, surrounded by molten vats of wax, a colorful array of candles dangling by their wicks, as the sweet smell of melting beeswax filled the room. This environment of creative alchemy inspired him to become an artist and to presently incorporate wax into his paintings. 
  An accomplished Artist, Todd has taught both privately and through community workshops. He operated his own gallery for a number of years and shows his work throughout the tri-state area. Todd C. Anderson is currently a member of the Barryville Area Arts Alliance. He holds two Assoc. Degrees, one in Commercial Art and the second in Communications & Media Arts along with a BFA in Painting from SUNY New Paltz. Todd’s emerging style took on a new direction when a Professor introduced him to R&F Encaustics a wax paint manufacturing facility. Todd says “Seeing how the pigment was ground and the way the wax was added intrigued me. The many techniques of use and application fascinated me. I couldn’t help thinking back to the damp candle making cellar and was so excited to start incorporating wax into my artwork.” 
  Todd continues,“ My passion is to continue learning the ancient “lost” techniques of painting with molten wax called Encaustics (which derives from the Greek word enkaustikos, or "to burn in”.) In my work, I portray country objects or solitary figures, set within the beautiful rural landscape. Wax has opened up a whole new world of techniques to help me achieve my goal of painting the timeless yet dramatic impact of the moment captured within the quiet serene stillness of drenching light.”
  With Todd’s paintings, each one is uniquely framed with rustic barn wood. The barn wood is carefully hand-picked to ensure that it fits his style and has the proper characteristics such as deep weathered grain, knots and nail holes.